"Falling In Love With Me"

Your heart is calling you to LOVE

Join "Falling in Love with Me" through a membership and allow me to assist you in identifying the emotional blocks within your heart the blocks hindering the manifestation of love in the areas of abundance, your inner journey, and your relationships.


Take Back Your Power

It's time to stop looking outside yourself for the love you know you deserve! On your journey of falling in love with yourself, you will receive tools and processes that will help to clear the emotional blocks within your heart that have kept you from your power, your peace, your joy, and your love.


Lolita H.

Cornelius G.

Suzie D.

Marilyn J.

I forgave myself and began to love who I am unconditionally. I was set free.

Carmen A.

I am now a deliberate creator of my reality...

Anna J.

I feel more heart centered and ready to love myself, listen to my heart and live my life with more love and happiness.

Bianca B.

  • Monthly live Zoom session where I lead the group in a guided meditation and Heart Scan to identify the area in our lives that needs our attention surrounding self-love. (Link to a recording of the session also provided.)

  • A Love Notes sent to your inbox each month

  • "Falling in Love with Me" audio Message accompanying each Love Note, helping you implement the steps to self-love

  • Access to our LOVE Bubble private forum—a place for our community to gather, support, and assist each other on our journey to self-love

  • Opportunity to book a one-on-one private Heart Scan with me, at a members-only discounted rate

  • Members-only discount on products

Here’s what’s in store: